Monday, July 29, 2013

Dojo Mojo: Facebook ninja game

Dojo Mojo is basically a strategy game on Facebook

Dojo Mojo allows you to build your own base, train troops, and attack others on facebook. Everyone has same designing of building and same bases same attackers and everything is the same, there is no difference between players overall. 
 What if you could choose which "Army" to belong for, the "blue" one and "red" one or "green" one or whatever and you have allies and each army can have it's own special skills and design. 

Facebook ninja game: Dojo Mojo 

While the idea of the Dojo Mojo game seems nice, it's seems like it was stopped during the thought process and the game stuck with a lot of missed potential.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kingsbridge game of facebook


Kingsbridge storyline may not be a epic has any other medieval themed games on the Facebook platforms, but surely it packed some serious ingredients running through strategy game core basics making the game a little more familiar in its total aspect. 

Anyway for us when it say Facebook games it is not a simple application like we used to play a couple years ago, now you need real cash to make a boost on facebook games while there are some players secure to buy premium cheats to dominate the game.

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