Monday, June 18, 2012

Facebook Bubble Safari Cheats & Tips: Score & Power

Facebook Bubble Safari

In Bubble Safari, you'll come across a variety or power ups that can be used to increase your score or simply make the game more entertaining to play. Some of these power ups must be activated before you play, and can only be used a single time, while others can be activated by completing certain requirements within a level. Here with a look at Bubble Safari's power ups.

 On Fire Mode

 On Fire is a type of power up that you can earn by dropping fruit in 3 consecutive shots. Once you catch On Fire you'll have 3 powerful shots to blast bubbles that are hanging. Bubbles shot in this manner are not popped, they are turned into fruit that gets you points when they drop into the baskets!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

inversion ps3

A wild third-person shooter, Inversion’s gimmick comes from the wild ways gravity and orientations are used in the game space. When an alien race called the Ludatore attack with gravity-manipulating weaponry, mankind is literally knocked upside down. Playing as policeman Davis Russel, you quest to find your missing daughter, but find regular weapons nearly useless as areas of the city are afflicted with zero-G, while others have off-kilter vectors, where down may be right or left might be up. It’ll be up to you to learn the 3 G’s of battle: guns, grenades, and gravity. With a Gravlink device in your arsenal, you’ll soon be able to alter gravity to your benefit, flinging enemies in the air or bringing over a large item to provide cover for yourself. Adding to the game’s realism is the use of Havok’s Destruction Engine that allows items to crumble apart in real-time, so an enemy in cover isn’t covered very long.